My first review: Black Sheep- Bellingham WA.

Taco’s are one of my favorite foods. Usually when I try a new mexican restaurant (typically a food truck) I always judge a place on their tacos. So what a better place to write my first review, than Black Sheep, located in Bellingham WA. Black sheep describes themselves as a bar (yep, 21+ only) with tacos , and that’s pretty accurate. They’ve been open a year, and I finally had my first visit a couple days ago.

Atmosphere (10/10): Casual, laid back and fun. Music was good and loud, but not so loud I couldn’t talk to my friend. It’s a somewhat cozy space, a couple tables outside. Bar seating and a few 2 person tables inside. I was surprised to see they had upstairs seating, which is pretty darn cool.

Service ( 9/10): The main server I interacted with was a bit short and gruff. He seemed slightly annoyed answering questions about the menu and had a “Whaddya want- order now” attitude. Still, all the servers appeared very on it. My order was accurate, arrived quickly and waters were never unfilled. My friend received the wrong taco, but it was so good he didn’t care. The only confusing part was figuring out how to pay, but we caught on and went to the register at the entrance.

(7/10) Drinks: They have a nice list of liquors and cocktails to order. The beer list was weak but had a little of everything. They offer interesting non alcoholic beverages which is great to see.

(10/10) The Food: Personally, I was highly impressed with these tacos. The simple fact the cheese they use is Cotija, says it all right there. While I was put off by the price at first, I can understand later. 1 taco is the size of 2 tacos. You could tell they use fresh ingredients and everything was well seasoned. I had the fire asada, and it was truly spicy in a good way. What’s unique about Black Sheep is they don’t do the standard meat, cilantro, onion (which i love). Their tacos are filled with corn, guac, salsa, cotija cheese, beans etc. The meat wasn’t overcooked. & once again… everything is actually seasoned WELL, which as a Chef is a big deal to me.

While I didn’t have a vegetarian taco this time (definitely coming back for one) they sounded delicious. If the quality is the same as what I ordered, I have no doubts it’s good.

Unfortunately when my food arrived, I was so hungry I forgot to take pics. However if you google black sheep you are sure to find some great photos.

Cost: We ordered 2 shots of tequilla, a beer and 3 tacos. It came to $21.00. While I was nervous about the price to begin with, it ended up being cheaper than I expected. I left full, happy and satisfied.

Overall: If you like simple tacos (meat, cilantro, onion), this may not be the place for you. All their tacos are loaded with extras. And the price reflects it.

If you’re a fan of veggies and sauce, I highly recommend giving them a shot.


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